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The Independent Anti-Spam Centre is not affiliated with a government agency or police service. 

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We log, verify, then publish the 200-500 spam phone calls we receive on over 400 Canadian ghost numbers.

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They use several different area codes and phone numbers to spam call claiming your Google Listing is not verified. They charge $500+ to verify it for you. You can search your business on Google, claim it and verify it for FREE! This company has dozens of complaints with the BBB and various scam spam websites. They continue to block our numbers as we call them back ever time they call our ghost numbers.


We have reached out to PC Financial and are awaiting a reply. We are posting this as it is happening right now and from all signs this is a scam. We will update when PC Financial replies to confirm these calls. 

Read more about this type of Spam/Scam here.

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Neighbourhood Spam Calls Dramatically Increased...

The Neighbour Spoofing Scam is a tactic phone fraudsters use to mimic (also known as spoofing) the first six digits of a user’s phone number — the area code and the following three digits — to trick consumers into picking up the phone thinking it’s a neighbor or nearby business calling.

Over the last few weeks (end of Oct. 22) we have logged and recorded dozens of these type calls made to our ghost numbers. 

Here are some examples:

  • 905-335-7207 calling our number 905-335-xxxx
  • 519-704-4642 calling our number 519-704-xxxx
  • 905-605-6508 calling our number 905-605-xxxx

And dozens more just like these examples.


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The Independent Anti-Spam Centre is not affiliated with a government agency or police service, we are an independant and private think tank. 

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